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EICA Procurement & Construction

Our engineers are well experienced in the entire areas of EICA including plant power generation, plant power distribution, electrical wiring & fittings installation, electrical safety, lighting, electricity-powered corrosion control Cathodic Protection), instrumentation, metering, automated control, fire & gas, products analyzes, and other related areas. We design systems for both turnkey projects and retrofit projects and we take full responsibility for our designs. We have great advantages when it comes to turnkey plant construction projects because our engineers don’t only sit in the office to design as it is in the case of many engineering design companies whose personnel are not exposed to real-live situations. Our engineers liaise with a lot of manufacturers of systems components gaining deep product knowledge and familiarity with latest technologies, our engineers supervise field installations and also commission the systems. This means our engineering designs has the wealth and authority coming from the end-to-end knowledge of the EICA systems. Our clients are well covered as we are highly knowledgeable in designing safe, efficient and maintenance-oriented systems that are not prone to huge OPEX, downtimes and hazards.

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