Industrial Electrical, Instrumentation, Control & Automation Solutions

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Industrial Electrical, Instrumentation, Control & Automation Solutions

Electrical & Power Systems, Instrumentation, Control and Automation (EICA) is the most essential part of any plant because without these modules, the plant will be lifeless and can’t function. They specialist fields and the project scopes for EICA are often awarded to experts who are either hired directly by project owners or by the main EPC contractor. Selex E&C is one of the companies that can comfortable implement EICA scopes internally since we have the complete range EICA capabilities in-house. We can implement EICA scopes as part of a turnkey EPC contract and we as well implement EICA scopes as an independent contract either as a contractor to project owner or as subcontractor to another EPC contractor.
We carry out extensive design, procure, construct/install and commission of EICA systems as part of a turnkey plant construction project or as part of a plant electrical & control systems retrofitting, upgrade or modification/enhancement projects.
Technically, plant construction project issues often emerge as interface gaps, where EICA engineering, core scopes and associated civil & structural works are striped off the EICA experts and awarded to others.

It is common that interface challenges such as design errors, procurement errors, support brackets/plinth errors must arise because the EICA works should be treated as an end-to-end service in the care of the EICA contractor. We stand out when it comes to supporting project owners and/or other EPC contractors towards achieving seamless and successful projects, and we are one of the best in the market when it comes to the mitigation of construction interface problems.

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