Selex plant construction services cover full spectrum solutions across each of the industries we serve. In the oil & gas sector which is our niche, we cover all streams from production facilities down to retail facilities just as we cover from generation plants down to distribution infrastructures in the power sector. In similar manner, we cover end to end streams of manufacturing industries factories, power & new energy plants/infrastructures, IT/Telecoms infrastructure and environment and water plants/infrastructures.

We have adequate resources to deliver FEED, basic & detailed engineering design, procurement, construction, installation/erection and commissioning of diverse industrial structures across the industries we serve. In oil & gas, we have capacity for EPCIC of onshore, offshore and swamp process facilities.

Some of our directors and technical personnel gained experience in electrical, process, instrumentation & control prior to the knowledge of process, fabrication, erection and commissioning, having an all-round knowledge of EICA together with process, fabrication & commissioning in one entity forms a significant factor in the quality of Selex E&C’s engineering and project management. A comprehensive view of project, and an absolute knowledge of the impacts of improperly managed interfaces between project technical disciplines sets us at higher advantage level compared to our cotemporaries.

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