Instrumentation, Control & Automation Systems Capabilities

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Instrumentation, Control & Automation Systems Capabilities


In similarity to the electrical system, Selex’s experienced engineers and technicians install all process instruments following installation drawings provided, OEM guidelines and industry best practices. We install, calibrate, configure and commission individual instruments, instrument (Measurement, analyses, dosing, etc.) skids and pre-engineered instrument systems. Instruments such as sensors and transmitters for pressure, temperature, level, differential pressure, flow, etc., gauges and analyzers.

The measured values from these instruments are cascaded to the control system (DCS/PLC/Proprietary Micro-processor controller) through protocols like TCP-IP, HART, Wireless Hart, ISA 100, Profinet, Modbus, 4-20ma, dry contact switching, direct load switching, IIOT network, etc.

Precision and experienced is required for instrumentation, a number of methods applied in ensure appropriateness of installation are not written in books. These are part of areas where our technicians save costs on projects by ensuring limited time goes into commissioning, reworking and no loss on instrument damage.

PLC & DCS PCS Systems

The programmable logic controller and the distributed control system are the most popular industrial control and automation as well as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) backbone. We have manpower and resources to deploy robust process control system (PCS), Automation and SCADA systems.

Building of Process Control System (PCS) Panels is part of our panel building solutions. We build top quality panels with components from likes of Weidmuller, Rittal, Triconex, Rockwell, Hima, Foxboro, Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, Emerson, Yokogawa, Krohne and others. SCADA and HMI solutions include Wonderware, WinCC etc. We also write our own logic programs for controllers; we have 85% of our technical workforce expedient with ladder logic programing among other programming languages.

SIS Systems

The safety instrumented system is similar to the PCS system, in this case we have a lot of instrument interlock that commands actions related to process and plant safety like emergency shutdown. Systems are also designed to certain specifications, example is safety integrity level (SIL 1, 2, 3), while equipment used for SIS systems are expected to meet certain certification requirements like UL. We call it the “HH” systems because the SIS system is often concerned about and respond to High High (HH) value readings from process parameters.

The SIS can be an integral part of an integrated control and safety system (ICSS) whereby the I/O Cards used in the case of PLC and Charms used in the case of DCS are specially configured for safety applications and are color coded.

We deploy systems from Yokogawa, Schneider’s Triconex, Emerson’s DeltaV, ABB, Honeywell and others.

F&G Systems

We deploy full range fire and gas detection and alarming solutions. Explosion proof (ATEX) or intrinsically safe equipment are used in protection of hazardous areas. Fire & Gas Alarm Control Panels are SIL rated where necessary.

Our safety design engineers follow applicable standards per project peculiarity, they include IEC 61508, IEC 61511, NFPA 72, EN54 and other. Designers carry our fire mapping and specify equipment like catalytic bead gas detector, IR gas detector, open path gas detector, flame detector, ultrasonic leak detector, photoelectric smoke detectors, heat detectors (fixed or rate-of-rise), carbon monoxide detector, hydrogen sulfide detectors, sounders/beacons, manual call points, emergency push buttons and others as appropriate.

In most cases, plant F&G systems detection fire and gas leakages are controlled using dedicated PLC based panels. The PLC I/O modules are manufacturer customized as safety I/Os to meet certain safety ratings like the SIL. In some cases, OEM proprietary panels are used to control gas and flame detectors. Smoke and heat detection is more applicable in building and we discuss this under the safety and security systems.

Our choice F&G brands include Honeywell, General Monitor, Autronica, Detronics, Oldham, and others.

Instrumented Safety & Security Systems

We deploy security scanners, CCTV (ATEX or non-ATEX), Access Control System, Time & Attendance System, Bollards, Turstiles, Speedstiles, Barriers, Asset Tracking, Burglary Alarm, Visitor Management System, Emergency Lighting and Automatic Full-Body Sanitizers.

We also supply all types of PPE including firefighters’ fire-retardant gear, body harness, respirators and personal mobile gas detectors.

We deploy fire alarm systems for office and accommodation buildings, in this case, we deploy non-ATEX and non-SIL-rated devices like fire alarm control panel (FACP), smoke detectors, heat detectors, CO detectors, manual call points, aspiration detectors, etc. all wired or wireless. Brands include Gent by Honeywell, Notifier by Honeywell, Esser by Honeywell, Simplex, Fenwal, Siemens, Fike and others.

We deploy agent based automatic suppression systems for critical plant assets like switchgear and data centers. Agents include NOVEC-1230, FM-200, Co2, Argon, Nitrogen and other.

Pre-Engineered Control Room

Over time of services to clients building new control rooms and retrofitting/expansion of existing control rooms, we have gained knowledge in design and build of pre-engineered control rooms including modular for scalable projects and non-modular for non-scalable projects. The major concept behind the pre-engineered control room is to apply the knowledge of a plant’s process and required control functions to determine which of the ICSS system will be required as well as control functions for OEM packages such as compressors, pumps, firefighting, dosing, etc. We build control panels and position them as appropriate per control room floor plan. As for OEM pre-packaged control and integration units, we obtain approved designs from OEM via client to make adequate space provisions for the OEM consoles in the control room design.

The control room buildings are design to either withstand explosions or otherwise depending where the control room will be situated in the plant and type of plant in question. At minimum, our fabricated control room buildings are fire rated, IP67 rated to withstand harsh weather conditions, and reinforced to withstand casual or insurgent attacks.

We build control panels for PCS/DCS, F&G, ESD, Telecoms (Servers & Routers), surveillance systems, access system, plant lighting, marshalling cabinets & charms cabinets for PCS/DCS, wide-screen HMI/display units, operator & engineering workstations, provide for cable trays & cutouts for cables entry into the control building, and also provide fire detection & alarm, lighting, power distribution, access control, emergency signs, fire suppression, HVAC and other utilities for the pre-fab building.

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