Electrical & Power Systems Capabilities


Electrical & Power Systems Capabilitites

In the most industries, and particularly in the oil & gas, aside some mid-stream and down-stream facilities that explore national grid as primary supply, it is more common that most plants/facilities rely solely on self-generated power to operate, therefore they mostly own their own mini IPP. At Selex, we are well experienced and familiar with the power system needs of different facilities and we are very knowledgeable in the design, construction, operations and maintenance of both self-generated power, grid hookup and hybrid sourcing (alternate use of both self-generated & grid sources).

We design and deploy reliable & efficient, easy to operate & maintenance, and safe plant power systems which in turn contribute to overall plant efficiency and guaranteed productivity.

Aside the generation of power, we deploy many other areas of electrical systems including HV and MV systems, LV & ELV, electrical safety and power systems instrumentation, control and automation solutions. We build, install & commission transmission systems including step-up/stepdown transforming, switching & protection, MCC, HV & MV cabling, and power metering.

Plant Power Generation & HV/MV Distribution Systems

In every process plant, the heart of the operations is the power supply system be it self-generated or grid supplied. At Selex will groups plant power generation works below 1000KVA under EICA services while above 1000KVA is considered as part of energy & power plant construction services, this is because for generator engines delivering over 1000KVA, a lot of construction works will be involved especially in areas of handling and installation of engine, cooling/radiation system, fueling system, primary cable laying, transformers, cut-offs/change over, metering units, exhaust system and other balance of plant (BOP) components.

Selex engineers apply software applications like ETAP for design, modelling and analysis. Our seasoned technicians proceed to installation, while our commissioning engineers (…always led by a Selex Director) commission the system.

We design and construct thermal generation and renewable energy sources and we give preference to green energy where possible. We are member of many energy efficiency and sustainability organizations.

Power Synchronization Systems

The flexibility of power systems become essential in environments where load array doesn’t remain consistent but varies circumstantially, for example, a facility may require a maximum power of 500KVA during regular operations and may require as much as 1MVA in some operational occasions. Consider an FPSO requiring certain power supply during regular operation but in the period of production export or custody transfer when transfer pumps and other related equipment are powered-on for the transfer purpose, power demand is raised at that particular instance and this is a major reason among others why synchronization of power becomes essential in certain projects.

In the case of such FPSO, the generation unit may comprise of just 2 units of 750KVA generators whereby one unit (either of the two) can function during normal operation and in the period of higher power demand, both generators are put to work and the generated power will be synchronized to achieve the supply needed. Either one of the generators can also fill in service in place of the other, while giving room for maintenance and repairs without a blackout.

We are vastly experienced in the design and building of power synchronization panels, the panels also monitor status and performance of generator & other equipment. The panels also control load balancing, load shedding, and optimization of supply/generation efficiency among other functions.

Panels are often PLC, Woodward Relay and Motorized Breaker based. 

Plant LV Electrical Systems (Equipment Installation, Cabling, Termination, Glanding, Tagging)

Selex takes on green field and brown field projects, we also take on electrical (mostly alongside instrumentation & control) either as turnkey EPCIM or by deploying one or more of the modules encapsulated in EPCIM as may be required by our clients.

We thus retain in-house and freelance capacities as well as external 3rd party partners to carry out several forms of E&I construction and installation works and 3rd party testing services. Where the design for the electrical systems works are provided by customer, we often firstly subject to design review and verification to ensure feasibility, accuracy and excellent implantation. The review and verification of design for our customers is complimentary and this is a key value proposition for us.

We have procedures generated in-house in line with industry standards which guide our construction works. We are experienced in all activities in electrical construction. We have documented procedures for each of the activities and we upgrade our procedures to fit the peculiarity of each project.

We have adequate experience, personnel, equipment and tools for cable testing, cable laying, cable tray and other electrical structure fabrication and installation, minor civil works for electrical, earth pit construction, tagging, glanding, termination, lighting installation, transformer/RTU/ACB testing and installation, earthing system installation and testing, lugging, tagging, and more.

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