Electrical & Power Systems Design Deliverables


Electrical & Power Systems Design Deliverables
  • Area plans
    • Hazardous area classification drawings
    • Area key plans for Lighting, tray and grounding layouts
  • Layout drawings
    • Grounding layouts
    • Plant cable tray and cable routing layouts
    • Plant and buildings lighting layouts
    • Substation layouts
    • Switchgear building equipment layout
    • U/G duct bank layout etc.
  • One line diagrams showing interlocks, inter tripping, system capacity, Voltage levels, currents, impedances, generation power levels etc.
    • Key one line diagram
    • 138/4.16 kV one line diagram
    • 4,16 kV (MV) one line diagrams
    • 480V one line diagrams
    • 120 VAC UPS one line diagrams
    • 125 VDC UPS one line diagrams
    • Emergency power one line diagrams etc.
  • Schematics
    • 4 kV motor schematics
    • 460 V motor schematics
    • MOV control schematics
    • Lighting control schematics
    • Heat tracing isometrics etc.
  • Equipment drawings including vendor prints
  • These drawings shall be supplied for all the major tagged equipment such as Transformers, Switchgears, MCCs, UPS, Chargers, Generators, Power supplies, PTs, CTs, Control panels, packaged equipment etc.
    • Front and interior layout showing all the components
    • Wiring drawings and terminal connections
    • Installation details including manuals
    • Component maintenance and instruction manuals
    • Electronic equipment manuals and settings
    • Fuse ratings and characteristic curves
    • Equipment and component datasheets
    • Weights and measurements
    • Schematics
    • Equipment specifications
    • Motor datasheets
    • Circuit breaker settings
    • 3 Line diagrams
    • Battery details including amp-hour ratings
    • Relay settings and relay discrimination curves
    • Data sheets and environment limitations
    • HVAC requirements
    • Manufacturing data books
    • Spare parts lists etc.
  • Inter connection diagrams
    • Inter connection drawings between panels
  • Details
    • Hazardous area classification details
    • Installation details for Lighting, grounding, heat tracing etc.
    • Duct bank details
  • Lists and Schedules
    • Cable routing schedules
    • MCC schedules
    • Lighting and Distribution panel schedules
    • Heat tracing panel schedules
    • Load lists
    • Electric equipment list
    • Bulk material lists and catalogue numbers
    • Cable tray penetration details in to buildings
  • Calculations
    • Tray sizing calculations
    • Heat tracing calculations
    • Equipment sizing calculations
    • Lighting level calculations
    • Emergency power load requirements
  • Studies and reports
    • System studies showing fault levels, arch flash effect, short circuit current, Minimum/ Maximum
    • Load flow analysis, motor starting effects and system stability, voltage levels
    • Transformer tap settings
    • Motor protection settings
    • Relay setting schedules including setting curves

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