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Analysis Laboratory

A seamless commissioning of any turnkey project is simply a confirmation of engineering excellence and proper management of construction interfaces. A project at commissioning stage can potentially draw up to 50% or more of additional funds in servicing of endless modifications that make up major causes of schedule and cost projection failure on projects, at this point, all service groups share the blame. We prevent such ugly situations by ensuring that our capable & coherent commissioning teams get involved in our projects since commencement of engineering.

We take time to develop detailed project-specific commissioning manuals for the exercise even ahead of commencement of commissioning activities. The manual integrates OEM guides, client views and Selex methodology. In support of start-up planning, each process unit is divided into systems and sub-systems to facilitate their mechanical completion, pre‑commissioning and commissioning. This approach requires close coordination between the client representatives, engineering teams, process licensors (if applicable), suppliers, construction teams and the start-up teams for an orderly turnover, commissioning and start-up while minimizing the impact to ongoing operations (In the case of brownfield projects).

Our commissioning checklist ensures:

  • Client endorsement of procedure
  • Physical Inspection of Construction/Installation
  • Mechanical Completion Done
  • Availability of construction/installation team on site
  • Availability of major equipment manufacturer representative
  • Availability of client representative
  • Availability of calibration and test tools
  • Availability of a director-level Selex personnel at site
  • Availability of firefighting and emergency management team
  • Satisfaction of approved JHA & JSA
  • Availability of regulatory organizations where necessary
  • Availability of commissioning record sheets

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