EICA Configuration & Commissioning


EICA Configuration & Commissioning

Selex boast of experienced commissioning engineers who are often led by the company’s lead director into any complex commissioning exercise. The directors of Selex take full responsibility for commissioning exercises. We follow our commissioning procedures which contains inputs from OEMs, client and Selex team members.

Configuration and commissioning EICA systems require personnel that are highly knowledgeable and meticulous. It also requires some knowledge of process engineering.

Our commissioning checklist ensures:

  • Main contractor’s endorsement of procedure
  • Inspection of Construction & Installation Done
  • Mechanical Completion & Calibration Done
  • Availability of construction/installation team on site
  • Availability of critical and complex equipment manufacturers’ representative
  • Availability of client’s representative
  • Availability of commissioning spares
  • Availability of firefighting systems & emergency responders
  • Availability of all configuration, programming, calibration, test and commissioning equipment and tools.

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