Construction & Installation


Construction & Installation

Our construction which basically comprise of fabrication, erection, equipment installation and tie-in is an area of critical interest to both our own selves, client and all other stakeholders. Interestingly, we have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience in shop fabrication, on-site fabrication, equipment/spools/structural members erection, equipment installation and tie-in. Our construction managers, engineers, technicians, equipment operators, welders and fitters are duly trained and certified for the tasks they carry out. In civil construction of equipment plinths, equipment supports, equipment housing, cable channels, tunnels and construction of site offices, accommodation quarters and warehouses, the processed of formworks, reinforcement, casting, blockworks, woodworks, MEP and finishes are carried out by our dedicated experienced team and we don’t have to outsource civil works.

Selex run a medium size fabrication facility of its owns and also have first right of refusal access to two ASME stamped larger capacity fabrication facilities in Lagos and Portharcourt. We have a long list of self-owned construction equipment and tools while we maintain a log of equipment leasers’ inventories that keep us abreast on who to turn to for equipment we need per time.

We focus on the following for best delivery especially in cases where Selex is not responsible for the project engineering. Thus, we successfully achieve optimization of construction activities and offering cost saving suggestions throughout the entire project phases:

  • Construction Management (According to Approved In-house Plan)
  • HSE (Safety Performance & Excellence)
  • Quality Control
  • Constructability (Modelling & Analyses)
  • Sustainability in Construction
  • Craft Certification
  • Industrial Relations
  • Modularization
  • Rigging Monitoring
  • Welding Excellence

Our lists of equipment and details of facilities are available upon request from verified prospective clients (end-users only).

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