Plant Operation Support


Plant Operation Support

These services are those collection of services that Selex render in support of clients’ plant operations ranging from call-out for technical intervention for any part of the main process as well as BOPs, SLAs for retainership on different areas of operations, man-power management, and other outsourced services related to day-to-day plant operations. On-demand maintenance, troubleshooting & repairs, routine maintenance activities and turnaround maintenance all fall under this category of services.

Our knowledge of construction and commissioning makes operations and maintenance relatively easy for us.

We develop and modify plant operations manual/procedures to ensure effective and safe operations. As examples, to carry out maintenance activities on a normally pressurized line, a procedure must include step by step guide to carry out depressurization and to ascertain no pressure is trapped in any part of the line. Another example in electrical is the strict adherence to log-out tag-out (LOTO) process for safety during electrical systems maintenance and troubleshooting.

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