We offer procurement services either as part of an EPCIC contract or as an isolated service for other plant construction contractors or plant owners/operators. We have developed a lot of capacity in the area of procurement, having some members of our team trained and certified for sourcing, buying and expediting. Since procurement is a major cost coefficient on any project, it is imperative for us to manage procurements excellently for optimal project cost and schedule performances.

Selex procurement solutions provides clients with global resources, processes, systems, market knowledge and volume-leveraged pricing to maximize return on investment. We maintain and continually update our master supplier/manufacturer list with comments and ranking.

We have tested & trusted channels for sourcing primary and secondary equipment and materials, we have stringent process flow for procurement and we also have established logistics channels. We save cost for our customer in excess of 14% less of estimated/budgeted figure, and one of our major advantages remain our strategic relationship with several material suppliers, OEMs and OEM representatives.

We also have relationship with process licensors like Honeywell UoP.

Our procurement objectives are optimized through the below:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Material Management
  • Contract Management
  • Logistics
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Global Market Knowledge

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