Selex Engineering & Construction retains in-house engineers with a total combine experience in excess of 250 years, and some of our engineers and directors have worked on several prestigious projects within the oil & gas industries in Africa, America and the Middle East. We have licensed software applications (AspenOne, Aveva Engineering, Bentley SACS, Autocad & Autocad 3D), hardware equipment (computers, printers, scanners, etc.) and maintain a robust library of engineering design guides, oil & gas construction standards & codes (API, ASME, ISA, etc.) and many other resources both in hard paper and electronics formats.

We have extensive experience preparing lump sum bid packages, as well as reference packages to facilitate completion of work within an expeditious timeframe.

We will list some of our standard project engineering deliverables excluding those for electrical, instrumentation, automation and control engineering that will be discussed under our EIAC Services.


  • Statement of plant production target and progressive implementation plan
  • Document order and precedence
  • Master document index
  • Engineering unit statement
  • Land use plan
  • Infrastructure strategy document
  • Description of project
  • Basis of design
  • Preliminary equipment scope
  • Temporary facility requirements, requisitions & specifications
  • Shop space requirements
  • Basic engineering design data
  • Preliminary site plan
  • Project codes and standard


  • Process safety documentation
  • HAZOP report
  • Process operational control description
  • Process equipment list
  • Datasheet for main equipment
  • Tie-in schedule
  • Effluent and emission summary
  • Mechanical handling plan
  • Noise data
  • Performance guarantee statements
  • Performance test procedure
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning manual
  • Operating manual


  • Hazardous area classification drawing
  • Plant block flow diagram
  • Process flow diagram
  • Process P&ID
  • Equipment specification
  • Pipeline sizing
  • Piping support & stress analysis
  • Site plan (equipment & utilities layout)
  • Design pressure/temperature limits
  • Startup & 2 year operational spares list
  • Feed material flow control block diagram
  • Material handling block diagram
  • Area classification documents


  • Piping general arrangement
  • Isometric drawing for N-50 and greater
  • Isometric for pipework underground
  • Detailed fabrication drawing for N-50 and larger
  • Piping material specification
  • Standard piping details
  • Pipework support calculations
  • Pipework fabrication and installation specifications
  • Pressure test procedure
  • Special piping requirements
  • Special piping support details
  • Stress critical line list
  • Stress analysis specification
  • Hydrostatic test procedure
  • Details of special requirements


  • Firefighting system design philosophy
  • Firefighting equipment layout list & requisitions
  • Fire and gas detection & alarm equipment schedule
  • Fixed extinguisher systems design
  • Mobile firefighting equipment schedule
  • Safety equipment schedule


  • Civil layout site plan drawings
  • Civil design criteria
  • Road layout and details
  • Foundation & concrete structure details
  • Underground services specification
  • Underground services layout
  • Earthworks, excavation procedures, filling & compaction requirements
  • Earthwork grading drawings
  • Piling specification
  • Piling layout, support capacities, locations, cut-offs & elevations
  • Reinforced concrete specification
  • Structural design criteria
  • Structural steelwork design & specification
  • Structural steelwork requisitions
  • Fireproofing schedule
  • Indexed design calculations


  • Building specification
  • Building layout drawing
  • Building detail drawing
  • Schedule of finishes
  • Schedule of doors and window


  • Long lead items list
  • Approved vendor list
  • Material requisitions
  • Request for quotation (RFQ) template


  • Estimate report
  • Proposal template for procurement
  • Proposal template for installation
  • Reference drawing list
  • Cost estimate and project cash flow forecast

We strive so hard to deliver comprehensive and high-quality engineering deliverables either we have an integrated EPCIC contract or an isolated engineering & design contract/subcontract. We take full responsibility for our designs even after client’s approval for construction. A feasible engineering is the primary indicator for a successful construction; hence we give our engineering works the highest level of attention and pass our deliverables through multiple layers of internal review sessions.

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